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ForexSigmaIs This For Real?

The idea of a no-loss Forex robot that works on accounts any size may seem far fetched to many and I would not have believed it myself if I hadn’t stumbled across Forex Sigma which makes all of this a reality.

There is a certain amount of controversy flying around at the moment… A lot of people are claiming that this cannot work and is one huge scam…

However, it appears that the exact opposite is true in this case.

In order to fully understand the forex markets and work out the simple and regular patterns which constantly repeat themselves, over 10 years of data was recorded and used. After hundreds of hours of econometric modelling these patterns have now been coded into a special mathematical formula in order to give an unprecedented advantage in the forex markets.

Unlike other unscrupulous companies out there, they are actually showing results on a live account running the software. The controversial No Loss Robot™ works by using advanced features and trend detection systems which completely eliminate losing trades.

One of the best things about the software is its ease of use. Even someone with no experience with the Forex market can use it because it runs automatically on a computer with no input required therefore freeing up your time to do the more important things which you want to do.

Forex Package

Features of this Forex Software Include:

  • Multiple time frames – Enabling the simultaneous scanning of all 8 time frames identifying potential trades.
  • Advanced trend detection algorithms – Guaranteeing quick entry into trades and exiting at the right time allowing for the full run of the trade.
  • Built in Money Management – Ensuring only a certain percent of available funds are being traded.
  • Adjusts to the market automatically – Covering you for every type of market whether trending or ranging.
  • One Robot Works on ANY number of currency pairs! – Allowing the simultaneous trading of unlimited currencies.
  • Over 20 other features!

This is a real opportunity to make real money with minimal effort.

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